Treat Bouquet

Last weekend my son had his first piano recital. He worked hard all year on his song, so I wanted to give him a reward similar to a bouquet. I imagined giving my son a bouquet of flowers and knew he’d say, “Mom! This is too girly!” To avoid the argument I decided to get him a cookie bouquet. After checking prices, I decided spending $30 on a 3-cookie bouquet went against everything I preach as a parent, so we needed a new plan. I decided I could easliy put together a bouquet of my son’s favorite treats for under $5.


First I wrapped an old yogurt container in tissue paper. I made sure the tissue paper was not “girly.”



Then I attached each of his favorite treats to a skewer using plain old Scotch tape.

I filled the yogurt container with glass beads. I did this instead of floral foam because I needed to distribute the weight. If the treats weigh more than the vase, it will tip over.

I cut some of the skewers so I had different heights on the treats.


After I put the treats in the container, I added some more “non-girly” tissue paper to fill in the gaps. That was it!

My son was very happy with his bouquet and didn’t complain at all. And in the end, that was my only goal.


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