Thanksgiving Place Cards

This year, my mom tasked the kids and I with making place cards for our family for Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to do something the kids could help with that incorporated the purpose of Thanksgiving: gratitude! These turkey gratitude cards fit all requirements.


Start with half a sheet of card stock paper. Fold each in half from the top down, like a card.

IMG_20141112_114518        IMG_20141112_114551

Inside each card write, “I am thankful for…” Before dinner, have everyone write what they are thankful for, so they can share during dinner.


Now we add a turkey. I thought about just cutting out a turkey and gluing it on, but I wanted the kids to be more involved. I found a free turkey picture on Clip Art, and cut out everything but the turkey feathers. I tasked the kids with making the feathers.


Using five or six pipe cleaners per turkey, hold each pipe cleaner on a pencil, with about 1 1/2-2 inches hanging over the side to remain strait. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. Just pretend it’s interpretive art.


Now start wrapping the pipe cleaner around the pencil. You should end up with a spiral with a strait end.


Now hot glue the “feathers” onto the front of the place card, in a fan shape.


Glue the turkey body in place.


Now just add the name and put it up by opening the card and letting it balance on itself.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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