Being a Mom

I apologize in advance to those of you who aren’t mothers, but as this Sunday is Mother’s Day, I wanted to write a post about being a mom. With everything I’ve experienced in my life, nothing has changed me more than being a mom. In most ways, that’s a good thing. In some ways it’s bad (like those days when it’s 3 p.m. and I realize I still haven’t had three seconds to myself to shower. I apologize to society for those days). This post is about the things that have changed since I became a mom. Some I expected and some I never thought would apply to me.

mother's day(This is the day I became a mom).

Before becoming a mom, I never thought I would:

  1. Pick someone else’s nose.
  2. Do a full-on, screaming, cheer because the poop ended up in the toilet and not in a pair of pants/the floor/the bathtub. Yep. Being a mom is glamorous.
  3. Spend my day shaping play dough, coloring, singing Old McDonald, and watching Sesame Street repeatedly. I can’t even recall what a day in the life of an adult includes.
  4. Spend many sleepless nights in a rocking chair with a sick or grumpy baby.
  5. Be more overjoyed to receive a picture of myself with 15 fingers and a blue nose, than a portrait done by a famous artist.
  6. Actually stick a bum right up to my face to see if the offensive odor in question is coming from my child.
  7. Let my child eat food off the ground. I admit. I was one of those judgmental people who saw other moms do such things and thought I would be superior in my mothering skills… someday. Now, if it’s not covered in anything toxic and it will prevent screaming, a few dropped cheerios or pretzels are still edible in my book.
  8. Forget what it feels like to sleep until I am no longer tired and let my body wake up naturally.
  9. Find toys everywhere: laundry baskets, sock drawers, kitchen cupboards, the fridge, the VCR (yes… we still have one), and yes, a bucket of flour.
  10. Know what it is like to love someone so much I would give all I have to make them happy.

Being a mom is the hardest/best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! If you aren’t a mom, let the moms in your life know how much you care for them.

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One Response to “Being a Mom”

  1. May 15, 2012 at 2:48 pm #

    How beautiful!

    I never thought of myself being a mom, but it has been the most adventureous time of my life from my little one born till now on his way to be 3. I love every moment of being a mommy and your post is just beautiful && couldn’t of said it better myself. 🙂