My Favorite Baby Items

I’ve had several soon-to-be moms ask me what my favorite new-mom items are. What are the things I can’t do without? I also remember before I had my oldest child. I felt so confused when deciding what to get. Money is tight for everyone, so it’s important to research and get the items right for you. Here is a list of my favorite things for babies.

  • babyMedela Electric Breast Pump – If you are planning to nurse, this pump is great. It’s a bit pricey, but worth every penny. I have serious supply issues when it comes to breast feeding, and I wouldn’t have been able to nurse without this pump. Even if you have plenty of milk, the pump gives you the freedom to pump a bottle so dad or grandma can feed the new baby and give you a break.
  • babyBaby Bjorn Carrier – This is possibly my favorite item. This front pack is so easy to use and extremely convenient. Some babies (like my youngest) don’t like to be put down. While it’s impossible to carry your baby 100% of the time, you can carry a baby much more when you have a carrier. I can dust, vacuum, mop and make dinner with a baby strapped to my chest. I like the Baby Bjorn because it feels very secure and distributes weight evenly to prevent back pain.  An item I’ve heard many people rave about is the Moby Wrap. I got this with my youngest and regretted it. It took way too long to get on, and I’d often have to redo it. I do have to say though, when I got it on right, it was wonderful for the first month or so of my youngest’s life, when she was too small for the Baby Bjorn. But as soon as I could put her in the Baby Bjorn, I retired the Moby Wrap. So was it convenient? Somewhat. Was it $40 convenient? Not in my opinion. I guess my advice would be to find a used one at a cheaper price.
  • babyThe Miracle Blanket – Basically the title sums up this swaddle blanket. This is one of the greatest inventions for newborns in the world. When I first saw a video of it, I vowed not to get one, convinced it was just a baby straight jacket. After my son broke out of every swaddle blanket at one month old, we decided to give it a try. He went from sleeping in 4-hour spurts to sleeping through the night within a few days. It also helped us train him on day vs night, as we only wrapped him in the blanket at night. Both my kids have loved this and I’d recommend it to any mom.
  • babyGripe Water – Gripe water is just an herbal water to help soothe a baby’s upset tummy. When gas drops had no affect on my son, we tried gripe water and were so glad we did. Both my children responded well to it. If people tell you it contains alcohol, it’s not true. Perhaps earlier versions did, but every kind I’ve tried since I became a mom has been alcohol free.
  • babyFacial Hair Scissors – Maybe I’m not smart enough, but I have no idea how to affectively cut a baby’s nails using baby nail clippers. I decided to buy a pair of the blunt-edged, rounded facial-hair scissors. They are perfect for baby finger nails. I can safely and quickly cut my baby’s finger and toe nails. I even still use them on my older child.
  • babyBaby Einstein DVDs – I completely understand not wanting your child to watch too much TV, but these DVDs, gave us a lot of peace. Sometimes, the only way I could cook dinner or fold laundry was to let my baby watch a Baby Einstein DVD. It’s amazing how well the work to entertain a fussy baby for a few minutes.
  • babyBundle Me – Without planning to, both my kids were born weeks before winter. I try to take my newborns out as little as possible, but the occasional outing is inevitable (particularly when you also have older children). The Bundle Me kept them so warm through the winter months.
  • babyBumbo – This chair is great when babies are just learning to support their weight. It helps them learn to sit up on their own. You can also purchase a tray attachment for feeding. This is also a great place for them to sit when they get a hair cut.


Those are the specific must-haves in my opinion. Of course I also love the basics like the swing, stroller, pacifiers, exersaucer, bouncer chair etc; but I listed items new moms might not be sure about. Like I said before, do some research and decide what you will really need and use before buying anything. Good luck!


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  1. July 7, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    Great list. I swear by gribe’s water!!