Halloween Kid Craft: Q-Tip Skeleton

I thought this idea was so adorable. I can’t take any credit, as my son brought it home from school. It’s a great, innexpensive craft idea that uses things you probably already have.


For this craft, my son’s teachers drew the lines where the “bones” were to go with chalk on black construction paper. My sun cut out an oval for the head, and his teachers cut out eyes using a hole punch. He glued the head on the top. Then he was in charge of gluing cotton swabs on over the lines provided, with basic school glue. He used 3 1/2¬†cotton swabs¬†for the ribcage (all cut in half), two for each arm, and two for each leg. Adorable! This is a great craft because the chalk lines are there as a guide, but the child feels proud of making a shape that actually looks like a skeleton.

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