Easy Halloween Spider Cookies

Here is a Halloween spider cookie that requires no baking, mixing or artistic skill whatsoever. Plus, they’re adorable!!

All you need are these four ingredients!!

Start with some Oreo Cakester cookies. I tried several different kinds of cookies, but these worked the best. Maybe I kept trying because I wanted an excuse to buy pre-made cookies… which I rarely do.

For each cookie, you need four or eight stick pretzels. I recommend using 8 (as they will be the legs). We made one using four pretzels broken in half, and we just ended up with a ┬ástumpy spider. Being short myself, I sympathized with the little guy… but we made the rest using eight pretzels.

Put four pretzels in each side for the legs. It’s best to do this at an angle. Also, go slowly during this process, or the cookie will fall apart on you. After I discovered that, we didn’t have anymore cookie casualties.

Now use pre-made, white, cookie-decorating frosting in a tube. Squeeze on two white dots for the eyes.

Put a mini chocolate chip in the center of each white dot.

That’s it!! Didn’t I tell you it was easy!?

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