5 Easy Ways Anyone can “Go Green.”

Right now, there is a lot of emphasis on being enviromentally concious. I’m ashamed to admit, with kids and various other responsibilities, it’s hard to do things I know are good for the environment. Plus, it’s often very expensive.

Lately in our household, we’ve tried to think of small things we can do to “go green,” and take care of the environment. We’ve realized, there are a ton of little, easy things we can do every day!

Here are five things we’ve started doing:

  1. Use reusable grocery bags – While each store sales reusable bags, you don’t have to use store-specific bags wherever you go. Stores will use any bag you bring! Rather than buy a bunch of bags, we have old tote bags, beach bags and a few bags we got free from events. I actually like using them better than paper or plastic, because they hold more and are much more sturdy. Plus, a lot of stores give you a discount for using a reusable grocery bag, so eventually, you can even make money on this. BONUS!
  2. Recycle – It seems obvious, but it can be hard. Where we live, it costs extra to have a recycle bin delivered to your home and emptied regularly. Rather, we stick old boxes in the garage (another great way to reuse something) labeled “paper” and “newspaper.” When the boxes are full, we just empty them at one of the many drops in town. Do some research. We all likely pass several recycle drops every day.
  3. Turn off lights – This is another obvious one, but it’s a great one for kids. We told my son about this and now he’s obsessive about turning off lights. We made a rule; “if no one is in the room, the light should be off.” It’s something we can put him in charge of so we don’t have to worry, and he feels like he has a very important job.
  4. Combine trips – Rather than go out whenever we need something, we now have a designated “errand day.” One day a week, we do all our shopping/run all our errands. Now we don’t have to drive all over the place every day of the week. This seems like a small thing, but if everyone combined trips it could make a huge difference.
  5. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – If you need something, it’s likely someone else is getting rid of it. Sadly, most stores throw away tons of reusable odds and ends everyday because they don’t have the time or space to do anything else with them. When we moved recently, we called several stores in the area and collected all their boxes. They were free to us, and they didn’t end up in the trash as they otherwise would have. After we finished with them, we listed them online (for free) and they were gone the same day. We recently needed some storage buckets for flour and sugar. We called a local bakery and discovered they throw out tons of buckets a day after emptying them of frosting. Again, they were free to us (as long as we were willing to clean them), and saved more trash.

If we all do just a little bit better, we could make a huge difference. What quick, easy ideas do you have to “go green?”

One Response to “5 Easy Ways Anyone can “Go Green.””

  1. June 26, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    At Maggie’s Neighborhood, we do all we can to save trash, litter, and money going out of my pocket.
    We save the plastic grocery bags, when we don’t use our own reusable bags, to pick up poop when we walk the dogs, and trash off the street as we go. When we get an over supple we take all the extras back to the grocery collection box.
    We believe in washing our plate, fork and plastic glass after each meal to use again at the next meal. Each person has their color of glass. Mine is orange, Kay’s is yellow, Cat’s is blue. No question whose is whose.. Check our blog to see what is going on at Camp Gram this summer and find out how many eyes a dragonfly has.