Homemade Star Wars Lightsabers

My son is a Star Wars nut. And since parents’ hobbies generally echo those of their children by necessity (aka… since becoming a mom, the idea of having a personal hobby is almost laughable), we’re all Star Wars nuts around here.

A favorite family pastime in our home is lightsaber duels. But since dueling your child with a large plastic stick is generally frowned upon, we made some safer lightsabers. These are also great for a Star Wars birthday party or family reunion. Plus, they’re cheap! Each lightsaber is around $0.50.


All you need are pool noodles and duct tape.

The size of your sabers will depend on your pool noodles.  I chose to cut ours in half, but if you wanted shorter light sabers, you could cut them in thirds (and then it’s even cheaper!). Yes… we made four pink ones. It’s a little nontraditional, but you try explaining that to an almost four-year-old girl who thinks she’s a Jedi.


I just cut my pool noodles with a bread knife and a cutting board. They were extremely easy to cut and strangely satisfying…



Then take the rough end of the noodle and wrap it in duct tape to make a handle.

First one way…


Then the other…


Then wrap the entire base twice.



That’s it! These are unlikely to damage vases, walls and noses.


Now go and duel. And may the force we with you.


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